Design Process

This was an exercise (tip  to practice and showcase my design process. 

Splitting bills in large groups is still a tedious task, hence a good exercise to run through.

For the full report, visit this Google document


This design exercise has been completed with the following goals in mind:

  1. Ability to split bill and tip with multiple people

  2. Ability to specify tip amount or percentage (ex. 10%, 15%, 20%)

The app offers three main flows:

  1. Paying solo

  2. Paying group - even split

  3. Paying group - item split

The item split has two variations because I recognize that there is an opportunity here for further testing and analytics to decide which flow is more optimal - item by item vs long list form, when it comes to assigning items to members of the group.

I also made a prototype with styling so I can visually see what the app could look like. I utilized and took advantage of technology that is more advanced and simplifying the flow of a normally tedious task of splitting bills in larger group settings.

There are certainly more rooms to develop further features such as:

  1. Social Payments - money retrieval, paying back, can made even easier with its own social payments or integration of other payment systems like Paypal or Venmo

  2. Venmo integration - this would make money retrieval a lot easier, cashless and not having to deal with change/coins and it already has its own mobile app and a large community. This would mean less of an obstacle to be part of people’s habit

  3. Community / Friends

  4. History - looking at past transactions

  5. Groups / Trips - Not just for tipping anymore, but a way to share and record expenses

I feel that as cashless transactions continue to rise, a tool like this would be immensely helpful when it comes to bill splitting (especially the social payments and friends feature in the app).


  1. Notes and Sketches

  2. iQBoxy - OCR Technology Example

  3. Simple Prototype (Invision) - The First Try

  4. Simple Prototype (Invision - Solo with Tax Option

  5. Simple Prototype (Invision) - Solo without Tax Option

  6. Simple Prototype (Invision) - Group with Even Split

  7. Simple Prototype (Invision) - Group with Item Split (Version 1)

  8. Simple Prototype (Invision) - Group with Item Split (Version 2)

  9. Simple Prototype (Invision) - Sample Styling and Color

  10. Screenshot Breakdown and Styling

  11. Jimmy’s Portfolio Site / Jimmy’s LinkedIn