Product / Lead Designer

Health2Sync is a health startup revolutionizing the care model for diabetics.

iOS App | Android App

One of the most advanced blood glucose tracker app. Responsible for designing from the ground up - starting with understanding the habit of patients/users (user research), recording blood glucose using paper/pencil (studying past solution), learning about diabetes (understanding the context) and the interaction/relationship between health care providers and patients (how to ease the communication between the parties involved). 

Using a simple and clear user interface, the app provides useful and actionable data analysis so patients can lead a better and healthier lifestyle. 

Key Initiatives & Responsibilities

  • Lead the complete redesign and implementation of the mobile app (with the iOS and Android engineering teams) 
  • Lead the design of integrating new features into the existing web platform for doctors and care providers - smart analysis feedback, instant messaging, patient care platform
  • Lead user-centered projects - usability testing, assimilate user feedback and share it with the team and decision makers, develop user/patient profiles and scenarios with their daily habits and goals 
  • Contribute to the product roadmap based on feature requests, user feedback, and engineering sprint schedule 
  • Lead and mentor junior designers, assigning daily tasks, standups and help shape their design careers goals and paths